January 26, 2016

Episode #7 Simulation: Selective Spinal Immobilization with Dr. Joe Bart

For this episode, watch the Full HD video on YouTube: 

Ep #7 – Simulation Episode – Selective Spinal Immobilization with Dr. Joe Bart

(Full HD video on YouTube) CLICK HERE!

Joseph A. Bart DO – EMS division – Operations Medical Director, Deputy Fellowship Director

University of Buffalo Profile Page: https://medicine.buffalo.edu/content/medicine/faculty/profile.html?ubit=jabart

National Center for Security & Preparedness: http://www.albany.edu/ncsp/

  • Eliminate the Standing Take Down
  • Selective use of the C-collar
  • The Backboard as an Extrication Device
  • The Role of Alternate Devices
  • Q&A with Dr. Bart



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