July 1, 2017

Episode #59 Modern Disaster Responce in Unpredictable Times #smaccFORCE #dasSMACC



Anne Creaton – An Emergency Physician & retrievalist HQ’d in Melbourne Australia. She spent the last 4 years in Fiji establishing emergency medicine training in a low resource environment while building capacity in pre-hospital care and disaster response. While living in Fiji she experienced Cyclone Winston first hand and was part of the in-country response. She is an educator in mass gathering medicine and the MIMMS system and was part of the instructor team for a multiagency tabletop simulation of a multi-site terrorist attack in Melbourne.


Lionel Lamhaut – An anesthetist with critical care and emergency training and an associate professor of the SAMU de Paris (excuse my French – Service d’Aide Médicale Urgente), Dr. Lamhaut is not only a disaster response physician but an academician of the highest caliber with recent publications on the prospective deployment of ECPR for refractory cardiac arrest in the Paris area with a multicenter study well underway.  He responded directly to the deadly terror attack of Charlie Hebdo and was instrumental in the after action analysis in the coordinated multi-site terror attack that struck Paris on Friday the 13th of 2015.


Raed Arafat – Put a warm round of applause together for the Secretary of State and Minister of Internal Affairs of Romania! Tasked with development of emergency medical care in the country, he is the founder of SMURD – the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication. In his current position he leads the Department for Emergency Situations including fire and rescue, civil protection, prehospital emergency medical services, air rescue as well as emergency departments.  Ladies and gentleman… a Knight and Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit in Romania, he has overcome both politics and prejudice in his sterling career as a champion of the highest quality prehospital care.



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