May 24, 2017

Episode #55 Using DSI To Prevent Rapid Sequence Death #EMSWeek2017

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Happy Tuesday of #EMSWeek2017! You’ve asked and you shall receive… Optimizing your patient’s airway prior to pulling the trigger for RSI.  Delayed Sequence Intubation in the prehospital realm to prevent Rapid Sequence Death.  Dr. Jeff Jarvis, a paramedic from Williamson County Texas turned EMS Medical Director of Williamson County Texas challenges traditional thought processes to bring the best possible medical care to 911 patients.  “It’s medical decision making that saves lives… not a plastic tube through the trachea!!!!” Here is story from conception of the idea, to education and roll out, to challenges experienced interfacing with local emergency departments as well as preliminary results for prospectively collected data.

His Bio & Credentials: (Williamson County) (Baylor Scott & White)


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