March 21, 2017

Episode #43 Critical Patient Resuscitation Simulation

RSI is often regarded as the pinnacle of advanced life support skills. Indeed, this skill can be beneficial in the right circumstances. 

That said, like any advanced intervention, performing a particular skill must be done in the context of the overall situation. The procedure itself is fairly straightforward. The judgement, experience, and education of the provider dictate how he or she will manage the nuances of treating a critical patient. Expertise involves not only performing a skill correctly but performing the skill in the right situation at the right time, anticipating the potential complications before they occur, and mastering the basic skills that are requisite for advanced care.

Cast in Alphabetical Order:

Michael T. Benenati, BS, AAS, EMT-P
Tyler F. Cominsky, NRP
Seth Goldstein, BA, AS, AEMT-P/CIC
Susie Surprenant, BBA, BS, NRP
David Violante, MPH, MPA, AEMT-P

Faizan H. Arshad, MD @emscritcare
Christopher J. Fullagar, MD, EMT-P, FACEP @87MD1



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