NAEMT’s groundbreaking Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services (GEMS) Advanced course builds on the GEMS core course, delving into more complex, realistic scenarios and the unique technology EMS practitioners are likely to encounter when assessing, treating, and transporting older adults. 

  • Highly interactive, immersive educational format focuses on integrating critical thinking into real world application.
  • Topics covered include caring for and transporting patients on home ventilators, LVADs (left ventricular assist devices), tracheostomies, PICC lines/invasive lines and feeding tubes.
  • Prepares EMS practitioners for the array of medical, mobility, psychosocial and communications issues found in older patients.
  • Students are guided through a series of scenarios involving increasingly complex symptoms and situations.


Lance Villers, PhD @LVillers

Keith Widmeier @MICUParamedic

Wayne Burdette @WayneBurdetteJr

Tray Reynolds

AMSL and GEMS instructors will be eligible to become Advanced GEMS instructors after an online module and training!


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