April 4, 2016

Episode #12 Trauma US & the e-FAST Exam with @JavaDrake

For more on Yale’s Emergency Ultrasound Program: http://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/ultrasound/ 

For more information on the Prehospital Pilot Program, scheduled to launch at our CC US conference in Newport, RI this September: http://medicine.yale.edu/emergencymed/ultrasound/courses/

Check out our prehospital friends & POCUS bloggers: http://emspocus.com/

There are a tremendous amount of #FOAMed Ultrasound resources out there and it’s only natural to want to consume it all!  Trust me when I say nobody will blame you for getting excited about point of care US.  Resources are very nicely summarized and linked by @sandnsurf on the LITFL blog: http://lifeinthefastlane.com/ultrasound-in-emergency-medicine/.  Lot’s of additional links also in the comments section.



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