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President: Ann Marie Farina

Ann Marie is one of the founders of Code Green and is the driving force behind the campaign. Ann Marie helped develop the idea for Code Green after the suicide of a coworker in March of 2014. One thing lead to another, and Code Green was born.

Ann Marie was born and raised in rural Alaska to a firefighting family and has been in EMS since 2003. She attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks where she obtained her Paramedic certification in 2006. While in Alaska she worked as a rural transport EMT, a wildland fire medic, an oilfield medic, and a volunteer firefighter. Since 2009 Ann Marie has worked as a full time field Paramedic in Spokane, WA for the primary 911 transport agency. She also worked part time for EMSconnect, writing entertaining and sometimes slightly inappropriate continuing education for EMS providers.

In addition to being the President of the board, Ann Marie serves Code Green as the treasurer, graphic designer, website admin, Facebook admin, and general jack-of-all trades. She also serves on the EMS1 Editorial Advisory Board. If she had free time she would spend it at the gym and using her camera for something besides a paperweight.

Secretary: Fiona Campbell

Fiona has been in public safety for 15 years, initially as a volunteer firefighter/EMT in 2000 before transitioning to her current position as a paramedic for Austin-Travis County EMS in 2012, where she is on the department Honor Guard and peer support team.

She’s the other main admin of the Code Green Facebook page, and is our primary statistics person. She’s also the southern half of our instructor base for our mental wellness course. Fiona is also the reason coffee was invented, and no, you can’t have her cup. It’s hers. Don’t even ask.

Her other passions include mentoring and educating future EMS providers – done via her department’s Explorer Post – photography, and editing fiction novels. She is owned by several rather over-sized Maine Coon cats and a large pack of dogs, all of whom think she spends too much time on the computer and not enough time paying attention to them.



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